Bad ass tattoo cream

vanish now offering the very best in aftercare!

 At Vanish, we are so excited to announce our decision to team up with local, fellow bad asses, Bad Ass Tattoo Cream to bring you the very best in laser aftercare. This product was originally designed to help heal tattoos, but when Seth Browder, owner and magic maker at Bad Ass Tattoo Cream, brought me the list of ingredients, I thought, there's no way we aren't offering this to our clients! Colloidal silver (a natural antibacterial agent great for burns) paired with CBD oil (to dull the burn and completely cut the itch of a healing laser treatment site) is the perfect combination of products for laser clients.    

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You can purchase BATC's CBD infused products any time at Vanish Tattoo Removal, 2418 W. Colorado Ave, Suite G. 

Or click the link below to order straight from their site!

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