Frequently asked Questions


How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser light is designed to target only the pigment particles residing in your skin. Bypassing the ink-free layers of skin, the laser targets the ink and breaks it apart into tiny particles. These pieces are carried away by your white blood cells and flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system. 

How many treatments will it take?

There are many factors that contribute to the number of treatments required to lighten or remove a tattoo; kind of ink, placement of tattoo, age of tattoo, colors used, and depth of ink and/or scar tissue. Most tattoos can be 95% removed in 4-12 treatments. Schedule your consultation now to have your tattoo evaluated and a treatment plan can be formulated.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at only $50 and goes up to $300 per treatment is based on the number of square inches of the tattoo.

does it hurt?

Tattoo removal can be uncomfortable, yes. However, at Vanish, we have implemented every resource available to make the treatments as quick and painless as possible. We use a Zimmer Cryo cooling machine designed to minimize pain during laser treatments. It blows chilled air (-22˚F) onto the skin, cooling the tissue and making the procedure very comfortable. We also offer a Benzocaine topical numbing cream prescribed by our  doctor for larger removal services. The numbing cream takes at least an hour to soak into the skin and we  ask that clients wishing to implement it, make note of it when scheduling their appointment.

What will my skin look like afterwards?

The tattoo will turn white immediately upon contact with the laser. This is called frosting; it is caused by a carbon release in the pigment when the laser makes contact. The frosting will fade in 10-20 minutes, leaving the tissue red and swollen for 2-3 days. Full results will be seen over the course of the next 6-8 weeks as the body's natural healing process breaks down and carries away the ink.

How long between treatments?

A majority of the fading seen after a tattoo removal treatment is based on the efficacy of your body’s circulatory system. The better blood flow you have to an area, the quicker it breaks down, but it is recommended that you wait 6-8 weeks between laser tattoo removal treatments.


Can we speed up the process?

There are things you can do at home to help  reduce the number of treatments required to achieve the desired degree of lightening in your tattoo. 

 *Keep the treated area out of the sun! This one is important. Sun damage on a fresh laser treatment site will cause blisters and scarring and will slow down the healing and fading process. 

*Keep up with your exercise routine. Exercise keeps the blood pumping healthily through your body. More blood flow, faster fading of pigment.

*Eat healthy! Certain foods (cilantro, garlic, blueberries, spirulina, to name a few) are known to bind to heavy metals. The pigment in your tattoo ink is made with heavy metals. Eat these foods for faster results. 

*Stop smoking! Or at least cut back. Smoking inhibits good blood circulation. Better blood flow=better results. 

How long does a treatment take?

While most people require multiple tattoo removal treatments, the service itself only lasts seconds normally. Average treatments last between twenty seconds and 7 minutes.   

What colors can your laser treat?

At Vanish, we operate the Astanza Duality laser. The Duality is calibrated to target black, dark green, dark blue or any other color with a lot of black pigment in it and red, orange, and pinks. We can not treat, white, yellow, light green, light blue, or any color with a lot of white pigment in it.

what should I expect during a consult?

Consultations usually last between 15-30 minutes. We explain how the laser works and what to expect during the treatment and aftercare. We analyze the tattoo and navigate through all of the factors that determine a treatment plan, location on the body, degree of scarring present, colors and kind of ink used, age of tattoo, etc. Once we've answered all the pertinent questions about your tattoo, we address all the questions related to your own health. Do you exercise? Smoke? How often are you in the sun? After gathering all of the information about the tattoo and your medical history and health, we can formulate an accurate estimation of how many treatments will be required.   

Book your free consultation now, or feel free to drop us a line if you have a quick question. Thank you for taking time to visit our site. We look forward to helping your tattoo troubles VANISH.