Laser Tattoo Removal Technology


Vanish offers the Astanza Duality Q-switched Nd:YAG tattoo removal laser because it is known for it's high performance and quality results. Q-switched laser technology is the only technology that has the ability to effectively lighten or remove dark or bright tattoos without scarring. This laser provides two different wavelengths, targeting a multitude of colors, removing tattoos faster and with the best results. All tattoo removal lasers work by directing ultra short pulses of concentrated light to the pigmented ink, by heat (photothermal stress) and by vibration (photoacoustic stress) to break apart the particles of ink for the body to break down naturally. The Astanza laser implements more acoustic stress and less thermal making for lowered risk of thermal damage to the tissue and making the treatment much more comfortable for you, the client. 

Looking for the quickest and most effective tattoo removal results? We have the right laser for you.


The comfort of our clients from the moment they walk through our door and all the way through their treatments is of the upmost importance to us. That is why we have chosen to pair our laser services with the Zimmer Cryo5 cooling machine. The Zimmer blows ultra cold air (-22 degrees) on the sight being treated, cooling the tissue and making the treatment quick and comfortable.

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